Mehu-Liisa steam juicer review and a few recipes

Happy (almost) Solstice!

Strawberries are on their way or have already arrived in your neighborhood. But don’t forget that old standby rhubarb! Throw equal parts of both (no need to hull strawberries) and a cup (or 2) of sugar in your Mehu-Liisa steam juicer and you will have a wonderful refreshing summer drink base.

Here is an excellent review of the Mehu-Liisa steam juicer:

Seeds for Security review

And here are some links back to some valuable posts for this time of year:

Video: the basics of steam juicing rhubarb

Rhubarb informational page with recipes

Rhubarb Simple Syrup

I hope your summer is getting off to a good start with garden plans coming into reality and perhaps the first few gifts of the garden finding their way to your plate. And after making some rhubarb (or strawberry rhubarb) syrup from juice you made in the Mehu-Liisa, you can refresh yourself with a fruit spritzer in the coming heat.

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About dheila62

Manager at Mehu-Liisa Products, importer of the Mehu-Liisa Steam Juicer from Finland.
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2 Responses to Mehu-Liisa steam juicer review and a few recipes

  1. Lisa Remer says:

    Where can i find a replacement clamp for my hose .I’ve looked everywhere. Lisa

    • dheila62 says:

      You can order a replacement hose here on our site. Go the the store link and click on the image of the hose and follow the steps to purchase. Let me know if you have any trouble.
      Take care,

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