Facebook Holiday Promotion ($13.50 value)

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Here is a link to our Holiday Promotion on Facebook. When you LIKE our Facebook Page we offer you a FREE Gift opportunity ($13.50 value) when you order a Mehu-Liisa Steam Juicer from now until December 18th.

Click Here to go to the promotion.

The Mehu-Liisa Steam Juicer is an excellent time and money saver. It is truly a practical, cost effective Gift for the Holidays and all year. And don’t forget, Mehu-Liisa is heirloom quality and will be a family treasure and useful tool for years and years.

Happy Holidays

Daniel Heila





About dheila62

Manager at Mehu-Liisa Products, importer of the Mehu-Liisa Steam Juicer from Finland.
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2 Responses to Facebook Holiday Promotion ($13.50 value)

  1. Milton Whittaker says:

    I need to order a new water pan. Inexplicably lost the original. Don’t know whether it is a ten or eleven quart. Can you tell me what diameter to measure to order a new pan? I live in eastern Bolivia. We have used it for blackberries and especially well for extracting the nectar from mangoes. Thanks Milton Whittaker

    • dheila62 says:

      Milton, if you bought your juicer before 2012 then it is a 10 liter. If after, it is an 11 liter. However, to be sure, you should measure the diameter of the rim of the water pan not the base. Let me know the measurement so I can verify. You can order on this site, click the Our Store menu button to choose the water pan and select 10 liter in the options. Be sure to select the shipping method that works best for you. I think it is great that you juice mangoes and like the product. I will have to do a post about that. Thanks! Daniel

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