Sand Hill Plums

Beautiful clump of Sand Hill Plums

I had a customer from Kansas order a Mehu-Liisa Steam Juicer to process his harvest of Sand Hill Plums. These plums grow in Kansas, Oklahoma, Ozarks and over toward Georgia. They are a sweet-tart plum that does well as jelly, juice and wine. Click HERE for a Kansas Forest Service Link to info on Sand Hill Plums.

It is interesting to note that the plant is very thorny and forms dense thickets. This makes it ideal habitat for birds for nesting, perching and “loafing” as the forest service document puts it. I love the idea of birds loafing in a thicket. I wonder what they are talking about? Also, the thickets are effective as wind screens and erosion control.

Here are some interesting links:

Click HERE for a short blog post on a cultivated sand plum orchard grown from wild plants.

Click HERE for two brief recipes for jelly and fruit butter using Sand Plums.

Click HERE for a bunch of recipes from

I found a few videos on YouTube about making jelly and jam with sand plums. It was interesting to note that the cooks all used the mashing, boiling, straining process to make their jelly. I think they would all love the Mehu-Liisa Steam Juicer. With the Mehu-Liisa there is no mashing, straining or cheese cloth involved. Just place the fruit in the basket, process for a short time and then draw off clear, concentrated juice that is ideal for jelly. The spent pulp can be worked back into the juice if a jam is preferred.

I would love to hear about folks favorite regional fruit. Any fruit that is special to a location and not widely cultivated. Please send me stories of your use of the fruit, any recipes or memories you may have of it. Check back for more posts on regional fruit.

Take Care – Daniel

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2 Responses to Sand Hill Plums

  1. Shane says:

    Hello, Hope all is well. Riverside Sand Plums is excited to tell you about our upcoming harvest. The weather has been the right condition for our plum growth and our 2014 harvest will begin in about 3 weeks and we will start filling orders! We haven’t forgot about you! If you still would like to purchase some of our delicious organic fruit, trees, & seeds please provide your phone number and the amount desired for purchase. We sell our sand plums by the pound & bushel. As usual our harvest is first come first serve so get you name on the list as soon as possible. There isn’t another fruit in the world as rare as the River Side Sand Plum. Thanks for your time and God Bless! We also sell trees from our nursery, Sand plums, American plums, and blackberry vines. (405) 882-4879 pre- order today!

    • dheila62 says:

      Thank you, Riverside Sandplums, for letting us know about your harvest. I hope you get a chance to juice some of those treasures. The juice makes fantastic jelly! Our 2014 container of juicers just arrived and is in the warehouse waiting for orders.

      Take care,

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