A visit to Camas Farm

I met a farmer at the Thursday Lane County Farmers’ Market in Eugene who was selling blueberries (Camas Farm). His berries we exceptionally well flavored with uniform sweetness. We talked a bit and he told me that they usually didn’t do U-pick at their farm but that the berries were so abundant this year that they had opened up to U-pickers. He gave me his card and told me to give him a call when I wanted to pick (Kurt Mueller at Camas Farm 505-9489). Later in the day we set up a time to pick on Friday.

His farm is out River Road toward Santa Clara on River Loop 2. This is a pleasant road that winds through older suburban neighborhoods and eventually out into the old farm land next to the river. His farm was one of several  berry farms lined up on the west side of the road. I wandered out back through a pleasant cottage garden dodging chickens along the way. Kurt was in the sorting/processing shed with a couple of hearty young pickers. I had a interesting conversation with the older boy when I was picking. He was from a local farm where they “grew whatever you could eat, except exotic stuff”. He picked berries for his summer job and liked working with Kurt as the berries were so abundant and Kurt paid him well. “I take a dip in the river everyday” on his way back home at the end of the day.

Kurt told me that they had 7 different varieties but that the former owner hadn’t supplied them with a map of where they were. So, it was best to wander around and taste a few to get an idea of which to pick. I found a nicely ripe section of row that had large fragrant clusters of huge berries. I picked a full bucket in no time. Then I wandered around a bit and picked another bucket of mixed varieties. I was very happy with my haul as the berries we very sweet and tasty but not over-ripe. I planned to juice at least one bucket full and make blueberry spread from the pulp. The rest would find their way into cobblers, pancakes, and pies. Hard work, but someone has to do it…

Please look for my next few posts that will have info on processing and making fruit spread from the pulp left over from processing blueberries and peaches with the Mehu-Liisa.

Well, I’m off to Tuesday Farmers’ Market downtown. Take Care!

About dheila62

Manager at Mehu-Liisa Products, importer of the Mehu-Liisa Steam Juicer from Finland.
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